Saturday, May 31, 2008

You'll never know who'll bump into you

Drove the wife to work today. On the way we decided to stop at Sonic to get something to drink. Looking for a place to park, someone decided to pull out while we were behind them and hit us, leaving a basketball size dent on the driver's side rear quarter panel and breaking their rear tail light in the process. The person responsible was probably 16-18, and cooperative. Her friend (I'm guessing around her age) was, to say at least, not. "It's fine", "You hit us", and "We got a camera in the back of our vehicle" were some of the gems this little Clearasil-aholic decided to share with us (Yes, yes. Back to your cookie-cutter sheltered suburban environment, little boy. Your pathetic efforts to look like a big shot will still leave you making love to your right hand... ).With the girl's insurance info, pictures, and a call to Progressive (plus a chat with the employees at Sonic regarding their security cameras), everything should be in order to resolve this minor inconvenience.

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