Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Local news: where morons go to die

...or find a haven among other dimwits.

Some of the topics that provide fodder for these so called "news programs":

1. Where to get a manicure.
2. Where to purchase the latest fashionable handbag.
3. Religious diatribes.
4. Suburban nitpickers raising a stink over their neighbors' lawns, lawn ornaments, vehicles, Christmas lights, dogs, cats, children, doorbells, clothes, lack of clothes, shoe sizes, and pencils.

The national news programs are just as guilty of presenting mindless garbage and neutered versions of current events. Tools for politicians and big business. Damn the truth and unbiased reporting, let's coerce and scare the shit out of the populace.

I'll stick with Jim Lehrer, thank you.

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