Thursday, June 19, 2008

Straight ahead and getting closer

Working on lyrics for "This One's For Your Sister" and a song unnamed as of yet. Both songs we've played live at the last several gigs, and I just b.s.'d my way through the tunes. Now is the time to hammer some lines out.

"Sister" had always been a sexually-themed diddy, ranging from prostitution to kinky shagging to catching a VD. Will the subject matter change or stay the same? Who knows. I just might make the song about giving someone's sibling of the female persuasion a gift certificate to Red Lobster.

As for the unnamed song, there is definitely a clean slate. To be perfectly honest I've been singing the lyrics to "Hole In The Sky" while playing live. Don't have a faintest clue why, but there you go. Don't sue, Black Sabbath. Like they even know we exist...

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