Sunday, August 24, 2008

Matt World

Here's the "what's what" regarding the past couple of days

Friday: Took the day off to help (in the loosest sense of the word, since my knowledge of equestrian matters are next to nil, and combined with being a notorious klutz, I was relegated to navigational and light duties in general) with my wife's 22 year old horse who was having respiratory problems. Spent several hours trying to remedy a locked front axle on trailer before we could set course for Aledo Vet. Turned out it was an electrical short causing the brakes on our relatively new trailer to seize. Why, oh, why did we not think to unplug the electrics off the bat? Hopefully he'll be okay. Read more about the day on my wife's blog, if inclined to do so.

Saturday: Had a dream that I was clipping my toenails and the shrapnel was causing mass carnage, maiming and killing everyone in the room with me. Also dreamed that I was watching an unrated version of National Lampoon's Family Vacation in which Chevy Chase was bonking Beverly D'Angelo on a beach at night while she was upside down and walking on her hands. Later that day finished scalloping the frets on the Fender, sanded and added teak wood oil. Just need to sand a final time with 600 grit and should be finished, fretboard wise that is.

Sunday: Typing this blog and will be working on the finishing touches on the tracks. Then it's down to coming up with a name and artwork...

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