Friday, September 26, 2008

Taking stock

Pulled out the record collection for back cover design ideas. Here's a list of 12 inchers with 12 x 12 sleeves I have:

G.G. Allen, Brutality & Bloodshed For All
Can (German copy)
Chiefs Of Relief (Promo)
Elvis Hitler, Disgraceland
Joe Jackson, Look Sharp!
Nashville Pussy, Let Them Eat Pussy
Iggy Pop/James Williamson, Kill City
Iggy Pop, Lust For Life
The Professionals, I Didn't See It Coming
Public Image Ltd., Flowers Of Romance/Home Is Where The Heart Is
Public Image Ltd., This Is Not A Love Song (West German copy)
Public Image Ltd., Commercial Zone (white sleeve)
Public Image Ltd., Live In Tokyo
Public Image Ltd., Album
Sex Pistols, Anarchy In The UK/I Wanna Be Me
Sex Pistols, The Life And Times
The Stooges, Rubber Legs (French fan club promo)
The Stranglers, Rattus Norvegicus
The Stranglers, No More Heroes (Promo)
The Stranglers, The Raven (3D cover)
The Stranglers, The Early Years
T. Rex, The Slider
Jah Wobble, Blow Out
Jah Wobble, Voodoo
X-Ray Spex, Obsessed With You

I wish I still had a record player...

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The Stash Dauber said...

i got one for $150 from record town