Monday, September 14, 2009

Take a look at the guy

Ken's point to an article regarding Mick Taylor's plight brought on (partly) by a financial buttfuck courtesy of Jagger and company got me thinking about... well, Taylor's replacement. Yeah, tough luck, Mick, but stream of consciousness, etc.

For the record, as a whole, I cannot stand the Rolling Stones, but concede that I do like a few of their tunes. And I like Ronnie Wood. And I do like his first solo album, 1974's I've Got My Own Album To Do.


The Stash Dauber said...

i saw the new barbarians (a.k.a. "keef's conditions-of-probation tour") at the tarrant county convention center. keef, ronnie, ian maclagen, stanley clarke, and zigaboo modeliste -- the most incongruous (if great) lineup of all time. keef tossed his cups onstage, while singing. didn't even miss a beat. no pussy run-back-to-the-amps-to-heave a la johnny thunders. (my future ex-wife denies this, but it happened.)

there are bits of stones music i like (mostly from the brian jones time, full stop after "exile"), but i never get the urge to hear it anymore.

when i was a teenager, we used to marvel that a guy who was as great a bassplayer as woody was with the jeff beck group could be such a hamfisted gtrist with the faces. our conclusion: "he must be a really great guy, or have really great dope."

Grubbermeister said...

Yeah, the Stones in my opinion are such a big pose... save Ronnie. Comes across as such an easy-going, likable guy who could get on with just about anyone (his long tenure with the Rolling Stones is proof enough for me).

A lot of bass players are failed guitarists but Wood - a damn fine bassist, agreed (though, ironically, had Mick Taylor on four string duty for a few of his solo tracks) - brought solid bass playing fundamentals to the six string side. The genius is how rudimentary his playing style is, a "Mister Everyman" on the guitar.

A great guy with great dope, indeed. Bless his little ragamuffin head.