Saturday, November 28, 2009

Your show of shows

Well, as least pertaining to yesterday. Played at the Phoenix Project in Dallas, which took six passes - the last two with Terry in the lead - on South Haskell to finally locate an indiscreet, unlit building with a tiny piece of paper adhered to a window revealing the address. The entrance and parking was accessible via small alley, with a torch and barrel fire to illuminate the path. Outdoor decor consists of chain link fencing, security bars, aluminum paneling, and barbed wire. The only thing missing was a thunderdome.

About thirty minutes before the show a group of 20-30 bicycle wielding tourists (lead by someone with a bullhorn) stopped by to check out the joint, then promptly left.

HIO on this particular night was Ken Shimamoto, Terry Horn, Marcus Brunt, Michael Chamy, and I. Sarah Alexander was present (to jam with Jacob Wick), but unfortunately due to a misunderstanding regarding the lineup she did not join us on stage. Hopefully next time... Felt like a solid set, and the spartan vibe of the venue seemed to fit with our sculptures of noise.

Next time? As of now it looks like we'll get to utilize the Rahr Brewery for recording in January. Sounds like my idea of heaven!

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