Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend ramble and other various(ish) topics

Played with HIO (which consisted of Sarah Alexander, Michael Briggs, Michael Chamy, Matt Hembree, Terry Horn, and Ken Shimamoto on this particular day) at 1919 Hemphill yesterday evening (Footnote: I remember attempting to locate the venue many a year ago without success, but since then a sign has been placed on the building, helping this anti-Magellan find the building without incident). Always fun getting to play with this collective, and even more so when the Michaels and Sarah are on board.

After the gig, got home in time to catch an encore of the U.S. premiere of Doctor Who's "The Waters of Mars", which was fantastic. Next Saturday is the beginning of the end for the Tenth Doctor and the return of the Master. Counting the days... I know. Pathetic.

The good times continue next Sunday with the commencement of another HIO recording session at Ken's. Hooray!

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The Stash Dauber said...

At 7pm...or as we say in HIO, "the Hickey hour." ;-)

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