Friday, February 12, 2010

Postmortem, present, and future

Electricity returned at 10:00am, twelve and a half hours after loss. House temperature dropped to 55°F. Didn't sleep. Feeling a wee bit ill after dealing with a moderate size branch that snapped off the oak tree by the backdoor at three this morning. Ended up with sixteen to eighteen inches. Scandinavian friends, commence laughter...

Carey is heading into Weatherford for antibiotics to give the Boer in the attempt to rid some chest congestion he developed during the night.

This weekend I'll start work on a soundtrack for one of Mr. Horn's animations. Excited and fingers crossed.

Some pics of the snowfall by Carey:

Not found in Ikea®.

From picturesque to waterlogged in the days to come.

An hour's worth of accumulation.

Frodo's excellent adventure.


Wolfie said...

I hold the copyright on those pictures.

Grubbermeister said...

And you were credited. Tetchy.