Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joe, animation, and HIO

Finished the soundtrack for Mr. Horn's animation, Bird Revolution, last night. I'm also planning to release it on the upcoming JATSDFM project, which has finally been christened A to E are Ex, Why, and Z. Hopefully it will be ready by next month.

Today was fun and eventful with HIO, mixed with a couple of "hiccups". Ken, Terry, and I originally planned to meet outside the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth this morning for a recording session inside the Vortex sculpture but had to cancel due to the rain.

Our second port of call became the first when we met up at the Kessler Theater in Dallas for a video shoot with Jeff Liles (see below). Afterward, Liles invited us over to his house to check out the footage and some grub (the man makes one mean smoothie!).

Next destination was the Phoenix Project. We were joined by Michael Chamy on this occasion. Terry had arranged for a chess match to take place during the show but one of the players failed to show up. We also had some audio difficulty during the set, resulting in Mr. Horn's "Ode to Marcel Marceau". A me-free second set (animal duty beckoned) was performed without a glitch, though.

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