Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ripping it

The Pop Group alumni Gareth Sager and Bruce Smith, along with Neneh Cherry, Andrea Oliver, Sean Oliver (Andrea's brother), Mark Springer, and David Wright, established Rip Rig + Panic in 1981. The group would release three albums (God, I Am Cold, and Attitude), and a handful of singles before morphing into Float Up CP in 1983. One more album under the new moniker would be produced (1985's Kill Me in the Morning) before the band's breakup in 1985.

Afterward, Neneh Cherry became, well, Neneh Cherry. Smith joined PiL. Sager formed the group, Head. Andrea Olivier does some work on BBC. Her brother, Sean, co-wrote Terence Trent D'Arby's hit "Wishing Well" before passing away in 1990 from sickle cell anemia.

B/W "The Ultimate In Fun (Is Going To The Disco With My Baby)" (1981)

B/W "Hey Mr E! A Gran Grin With A Shake Of Smile" (1981)

"You're My Kind of Climate", from their appearance on The Young Ones (1982)

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