Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another weekend synopsis

Saturday: Started the final stage of mixing for the latest JATSDFM release around 11:30am. Received a call from mum around 1:00pm to let me know that she was involved in a minor auto accident. Picked her up in Fort Worth near the body shop and headed to Haltom City to take care of an errand. Stopped by the antiques mall on Denton Highway for lunch. Got home around 5:00pm. Fed horse and let goats out into large pasture. Got back to mixing. Finished album just before midnight.

Sunday: Uploaded tracks from A to E are Ex, Why, and Z to Virb around 2:00am. Left the house at around 8:50am dressed as an Albanian pimp to meet up with Ken and Terry at the Modern Art Museum. Went walking/jogging around 10:00am, during which Ken gave us a highly "imaginative" tour of Fort Worth. Got back to the Modern and started recording inside the Vortex sculpture. At some point several children and their father partook in the performance, which was fantastic! After a while (lost track of time after our pro-cardio trek) the three of us heading over to Dos Gringos for lunch and a beer. Headed home around 2:00pm. Fed horse and let goats out into large pasture (déjà vu?). Took shower. Left with Carey at 5:30pm and went to have dinner with mum and family friend. After dinner, Carey rode her new horse, which she will bring home tomorrow. Got home around 9:00pm.

Conclusion: An excellent weekend. Who can ask for anything more than getting to spend time with good friends and family!

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