Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Saturday in review

I had slept later than I planned (next time: must utilize the alarm!) but still had plenty of time to get some recording done before the show.

Arrived at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center around six and unloaded my gear. Met Ken and Terry as they were heading back from an excursion on 7th Street. Drove to the Bull and Bush and walked over to Doc's Records, doing some artifact diving before the store closed at seven. I was quite tempted to pick up a double frame picture of Frank and Nancy Sinatra for a tenner (don't know why exactly) but common sense prevailed. Terry bought an autoharp for twenty bucks, and we headed to the pub for a couple of pints. Fort Worth Weekly's Dan McGraw pulled up a chair and gave me some unusual hair styling advice ("You should let your hair grow out on the sides..."). Also ran into an old classmate from Southwest High School while Terry went to Dairy Queen for his din-dins.

We got back to the arts center around 9:30, catching sets by James Talamabas/Paul Thomas and Swirve. During intermission, Terry and I walked over to McDonald's for coffee and apple pie, bringing back a serving of ketchup for Ken... whom, strangely, didn't want.

After the duo of Paul Unger and Max Oepen performed, we were up to close the night's event. It went okay. Some technical difficulties with my gear (particularly with the new instrument) and other audio gremlins arose but we were able to respond adequately to the situation, me thinks.

Us and the rest of the performers (including the event's organizer, Mr. Levy, and his wife) departed for a round of drinks and a chinwag back at the Bull and Bush. By this time, though, my brain had check out to Snoozeville, so after a beer I headed home. Picked up a burger on the way. The end.

Terry has uploaded the audio from our set on Virb. The title, "Do You Make Jesus Want to Vomit?", was lifted from some absurdist ad in this week's Weekly.

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The Stash Dauber said...

HA! I like the title. It actually sounds better than I thought it did while we were doing it, possibly because I couldn't hear Terry and so when your new instrument was acting hinky, I thought I was the only one playing. Curiously, there's a beat that Terry's playing for most of the piece that I was playing with although I couldn't hear it.

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