Friday, July 9, 2010

A day of HIO'n

On Thursday morning I met with Ken, Terry, and Marcus to perform at the Marty Leonard Community Chapel. I brought my laptop to record the event but being a bit of a plonker I forgot that I didn't reinstall the recording software when I scrubbed the hard drive a few months ago. Terry had brought several devices to capture the performance, including a video camera which caught the first five minutes of our noise session. Students from the Lena Pope Home stopped by to witness grown men dropping pot lids on the floor, playing one stringed instruments with electric fans, and banging on an animal cage. After the performance we talked with the students about the "craft" of improvising and letting them play our instruments.

After the show Ken, Terry, and I went back to Ken's house to pick up his daughter, Aimee, and granddaughter, Piper, for lunch at Lisa's Fried Chicken. Filled with artery clogging goodness we headed back to Ken's casa for an audio review of the morning's performance and to watch Penelope.

In the evening the HIO trio headed over to the Bull & Bush for a couple of pints, then made our way to Tokyo Cafe for some dins. As near to a perfect day one can have.

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