Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend miscellanea

Item One: Bought colored pencils and a sketch book on the way home from work Friday.

Item Two: My current acute bout of Sir Lord Baltimore obsession has been compounded with an acute bout of Bruce Haack obsession. Credit Mr. Horn's post of this pioneer of electronic music's work on the HIO Facebook page last week. "Mean Old Devil", "Kingdom Come", "Funky Little Song", "Helium Head", and "Blow Job" playing on a constant loop in the noggin. Make it stop.

Item Three: On Saturday I discover that I draw like a retarded rhesus monkey... hypothetically speaking. Never actually witnessed a retarded rhesus monkey draw, mind you.

Item Four: Completed a track for the upcoming JATSDFM product on Saturday night, after catching Doctor Who and Graham Norton. I do have my priorities, however unproductive as they may be.

Item Five, etc.: Had planned to work on another track Sunday but watched a marathon of last series Being Human (which is a run-up to the current series premiere next week) on the Beeb instead. Fed kitten. Took care of horses, sweating away ten pounds in the process. Took shower afterward. Settled on the couch for Poirot and PBS's Sunday night lineup. Did I mention that I have priorities?


The Stash Dauber said...

T. Horn wannabe!

Verification: quosime

Grubbermeister said...

I'm easily impressionable.