Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fredas, 10 Heart Fire

A wee bit too much time spent playing Oblivion? Probably.

Now, on with the post...

Arrived at 1919 Hemphill around seven for the gig with HIO (which consisted of Ken, Terry, Marcus, and of course I... plus the only member of another band on the bill who bothered to show. Apparently they decided to book another gig on the same night). Before the gig we (sans the orphaned band member) walked to a convenience store down the road for some brews and snacks. Terry was berated by something that remotely resembled a human female, which then proceeded to flirt with the hapless Mr. Brunt. Luckily, she/it soon left after being refused service by the proprietor. On the way out an ancient lottery machine provided some amusement with its faded "Skill Dragon" logo, and would spawn a flippant remark from Ken that would lead to plans for another potential project.

As always, had fun playing with my three compadres. During our performance the band that was missing in action appeared and brought their equipment inside. When our set was over they decided not to play. Quite the example of irrationality, me thinks.

Afterward we headed to the Bull & Bush. Fueled by a few pints we proceeded to flesh out "Project: Skill Dragon", which I believe will ever only run on beer.

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