Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey! Some random stuff

1. Terry, Ken, and Kat rule. It's a fact.
2. Carey and I are divorced. We are still good friends, and will remain so. If anyone knows a single, lovely ginger of the female persuasion who would be interested in a bald male in his early thirties, please let me know.
3. I nominate myself for "Prat of the Year" for losing my wallet... outside of Ken's house. It was recovered by the man himself, luckily.
4. Due to a bad shoulder and neck I have only achieved four hours of sleep in two days. I feel like the living dead... or, more aptly, what I would imagine the living dead would feel like if that was possible.
5. Thanks to a post by Mick Farren, I have discovered, and fallen head-over-heels in love with Jungle Pam. I could care less for drag racing. She's not ginger. It's nearly forty years since the pics I viewed of her were taken... but I've gone all melty over her. I really need a life.

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