Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tonight, tonight

And a bit of yesterday evening, too.

Had some wonderful pizza made by Kat (which utilized fresh veggies grown from their garden) at her and Ken's house for dins, followed by Time Bandits for dessert. Around 7:30 Ken and I parted for Lander's Machine Shop, meeting Terry at the venue. Our set ended up clocking in at little over an hour... which (due to a lack of movement during the performance) was felt in every inch of my cramped arms. After chin-wagging with a few friends, a few beers (courtesy of Mr. Horn), and checking out Vexed UK's set, Terry headed home while Ken and I went to the Bull and Bush for a pint, then back to his house for some more pizza. After performing a covert operation over the internet with Kat (top secret... shhh!) it was time for me to head for bed... though I am now typing this and watching the Ninth Doctor deal with an unusual invasion during the The Blitz. Huzzah!

Now, some gratuitous Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper:

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