Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cookie and Jonesy

After the Sex Pistols imploded Steve Jones and Paul Cook formed The Professionals with bassist Andy Allen in 1979. By the time they recorded their debut album, the Nigel Grey produced I Didn't See It Coming (1981), Allen was out, replaced by ex-Subway Sect Paul Meyers and adding second guitarist Ray McVeigh. Legal entanglements with Allen and an automobile accident incurred during their American tour in 1981 (which sidelined Cook, Meyers, and McVeigh with injuries) helped kill the group's momentum, contributing to their breakup the following year.

The Professionals were, in my opinion (well, obviously) Cook and Jones at the peak of their creativity, and their output left a huge impact on me. Here be two of my favorites:

The Professionals (1997; from the aborted debut album with Andy Allen)

I Didn't See It Coming (1981)

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