Thursday, December 16, 2010


Please don't sue, Mr. Kramer (as if he would read this blog... )!

Been "spinning my wheels" in regards to the latest JATSDFM projects in the works. I am attempting to create two separate albums simultaneously in order to satisfy a dichotomy of ideas and emotions that I have been experiencing lately. As one can imagine - particularly if one keeps in mind my absolute ineptness at multitasking - the endeavors have been chaotic and unfruitful. Yesterday was a turning point, and the wheels seemed to have gained some traction.

Oh, idiom, idiom, idiom...

Watching The Queen at the moment, which is funny because for the past couple of weeks I've been replaying Eddie Izzard's evaluation of Prince Philip over and over in the noggin for no apparent reason (since it's been a few years that I have last watched Glorious). It's all happening at my house, yes?

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