Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another weekend in review

Saturday: In the attempt to use the rest of the buttermilk before it expired I made a giant skillet-sized pancake (though, when I opened the bottle, my nose informed me that it was a wee bit too late. Call me a nutter but not wanting a sour tasting pancake regular milk was utilized). Along with coffee, yogurt, and The Stranglers' Rattus Norvegicus on the stereo, breakfast was complete. Afterward I worked on the current JATSDFM project in the works, recording some ideas and fleshing out some demos from the previous weekend. To summarize the rest of the day: Went to the grocery store in the evening; listened to the hillbilly convict neighbors fire their guns and professional grade fireworks for god-knows-what reason exactly; experienced quiet contentment when it lightly sleeted for a few minutes, ending their orgy of outdoor stupidity; played Oblivion; shaved, because I grew tired of an itching face; showered; bed.

Sunday: Vacuumed, made a potato and mushroom soup, watched Downton Abbey, and now settling in for the Britcoms. Not much of a day, really...

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