Friday, February 11, 2011

Tele to the kids

(Proving there is no shortage of bad puns I can produce.)

Needing an electric guitar for a joint venture project in the works, I did a little shopping Monday afternoon and ended up purchasing a Tele knockoff at Competition Music for a bill. Decent electronics, straight neck, and solid build overall. Should get the job done, me thinks.

Mullet and sleeveless tee not included. "Copperhead Road" optional.

Wonder if I'll wake up one morning to find that I've been sacked and replaced by Buckethead...


Breaking Light said...

Hmm looks like a Marauder. Enjoy .

Grubbermeister said...

Thanks! It does a bit, now you mention it... sort of a Marauder/Tele/Strat smorgasbord (except less edible, unless one is a termite).