Monday, April 25, 2011

Surprise! A weekend recap

Saturday: Had the weekend staple brekkie (beans on toast, coffee, and yogurt) and caught a few Doctor Who episodes during a marathon leading up to the new series in the evening. Left the house about half past four to pick up Ken and then set course for Terry's casa for some HIO recording action. After proceeding to do Ken's head in by playing the world's worst rendition of "Highway Star" during setup, we were treated to Terry's absolutely fab turkey burgers and beer. With dinner consumed, recording commenced, adding balloons, oven timer, and refrigerator door to the list (metaphorical, of course... unless Mr. Horn/Mr. Shimamoto/both keep a log regarding such matters) of objects played. After recording we watched a doco about the war in Afghanistan (Restrepo) and Suspiria (which was somewhat of a cross between Vangelis and an Italian ice cream) while Terry transferred the evening's audio and video evidence to his laptop, making me a copy to edit, mix, and remix. Then it was home again (after a return to Mr. Horn's for the bearded scribe's keys that were left behind), home again. Always a great day when it involves these guys... the ultimate mucking about crew! Read Ken's more detailed account here.

Sunday: Was able to catch a repeat of the Doctor Who series opener after arriving home from the HIO extravaganza. Had Easter lunch with my mother and family friend in the afternoon. Did laundry. That's about it, really.

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The Stash Dauber said...

Ha! I forgot about the kitchen implements. I'll have to listen for them on the recording.

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