Sunday, May 29, 2011


Friday: Kat and Ken invited me to see The Mikado at Bass Hall with them. Utilizing a contemporary palette (Japanese gentlemen as corporate droids, Yum-Yum and her friends donning Sailor Moon-esque outfits, and some contemporary dialogue, for example) was an interesting move by the director, John de los Santos, and executed quite well. We went to Risky's after the show for dins before heading home. Fantastic day with good friends. What else could one want?

Saturday: Practiced the ol' willpower and avoided watching the Doctor Who marathon on the Beeb. Recorded most of the day, particularly (and annoyingly) on one problematic tune for the on-again "fourth" album.

Sunday: Housecleaning and grocery run. Watched part of the Top Gear marathon (the ol' willpower went on holiday, apparently). Drinking coffee and typing this. Lazy day, indeed.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sym-ply wonderful

Back in February when Phil Ford sent me the demo for his latest release under the Sym moniker, Trade$ecrets, I couldn't imagine how he could improve on tunes that sounded more like a finished product than just a rough outline. Each of the twenty-plus tracks were absolutely fantastic, each a mini-masterpiece.

And they still are. Between February and this past Monday when Trade$ecrets was set free in its entirety on the web Mr. Ford has added new tunes, scrapped a few, reworked some, and fine-tuned the mixes, bringing the total number of tracks up to thirty. Though the album clocks in at over two hours it feels short and doesn't lose momentum. Phil Ford is a master alchemist of sound, blending samples, beats, various instruments, turntables, and miscellaneous noises to create aural gold. Simply wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

You can download Trade$ecrets for free by Sym via:

Internet Archive

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hentai pics

Possibly not what you were expecting. (Photos: Terry Horn)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lorbeer in Vitoria-Gasteiz

At the Atrium for Magialdia last September:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

But wait... there's more

I'll let the bearded scribe provide the description of yesterday's events (excerpt from Ken's blog):

Saturday arvo, my sweetie 'n' I joined T. Horn for lunch at Carshon's deli before heading over to Landers Machine Shop for the Arts Goggle event where HIO and the li'l Stoogeband would perform. The space has come a long way since HIO last played there in November. A lot of clutter has been removed, and a couple of spaces rented out to a dance studio and a local politico's campaign headquarters. The event was better attended than last fall's; it seems there are more businesses open and buildings being refurbished in the area, too -- a good thing. Breaking Light had some power problems, so we helped him move to another location in the big room where he could run his amp without blowing the circuit. He played some nice stuff along with the drummers who accompanied the hula hoop people. HIO set up and played there, too, before the dude that donated the PA showed up to make things work onstage.

HIO performed with Denton's Big Rig Dance Collective for the second time. We like working with the dancers, and it makes us less prone to meander, which probably makes our noises more accessible to civilians. They seem to like working with us as well, and they told Hickey while we were loading out that they have an event planned at Dan's Silverleaf on August 19th that they'd like us on board for. Terry also spoke to a woman who's apparently an internationally known improvisational dancer, affiliated with TCU, who expressed interest in doing something with HIO. He gave her a Sustrepo CD. Film, as they say, at 11.

I also had the chance to catch Stoogeaphila's set, which was great (the last time I saw the group was over two years ago at The Moon when they were on the bill with my band, The Fellow Americans, for our final adieu). Overall, it was a wonderful day and I look forward to working with our comrades in improv, Big Rig Dance Collective, again!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

More HIO-mania

Because I have an ample amount of disposable time and lack any real talent for this sort of thing, the second video for Sustrepo was completed within a couple hours tonight and is now available to watch via YouTube. Behold its cut-and-paste magnificence:

Friday, May 13, 2011


First off:

The sounds available on Soundcloud, including the current album Sustrepo (in four parts labelled "A", "B", "C", and "D") and its remix companion 5'5".


An excerpt of a video for Sustrepo by Mr. Horn. I am also currently working on a short clip in regards to the album.

Third and last:

The troupe will be performing at Landers Machine Shop as part of the Arts Goggle festivities this Saturday with our comrades, Big Rig Dance Collective. Terry will also have a video piece on exhibition and Ken will be doing guitar duty with Stoogeaphilia, who headlines the live performances that night. Come on down, why don't ya?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Haydn seek

Last night I was listening to SiriusXM Symphony Hall while "spinning my wheels" in regards to a couple projects in the works and Joseph Haydn's Symphony No. 104 in D major (1795) was played. It's been stuck in the grey matter ever since. Not complaining, mind you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Obviously not. Sigh.

The attempt to stave off the pangs of insomnia (whatever that means) had inevitably led me into YouTubeland and listening to the 2011 Deluxe Edition mixes of Rainbow's Rising (1976). Believe this will become the next album purchase.

Sigh again.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Days and days

Well, at least three of them.

Friday: Set course for Denton in the afternoon for a gig with HIO and Big Rig Dance Collective. Strolled around the square, finally going into sedentary mode and exercised the drinking hand at Hooligans to await Ken and Terry's arrival. After dins and beer we headed over to Recycled Books for a quick rummage before returning to our respected vehicles for the journey to Yogurt Fusion... which was a mistake. Being the masters of direction and perception we failed to notice that the venue was only a short distance from our original parking spots and ended up spending around twenty minutes to find another place to park, which was neither close or convenient. Sans the unloading bit it was a fun show. Ken's daughter and newest granddaughter were present for the festivities (Mr. Horn claims that the youngest addition to the Shimamoto family tossed a ball at him during the set, which could be an indication that Ken's critic gene has been passed down successfully). Running on just a couple hours sleep from the previous night I was feeling quite spent well before the show was over and grabbed a cup of coffee before leaving. Great night, and looking forward to next Saturday's show at Lander's Machine Shop where we'll team up with the Big Rig crew again.

Saturday: Same story as most of my Saturdays, really. Breakfast, tunes on the stereo (for this particular morning: King Missile's They), recording, and Doctor Who.

Sunday: Brekkie, tunes (Manda Rin's My DNA and Bis' Fukd ID #5), and some more recording. Took my mother out for a Mother's Day dinner. Home again and some more recording. The end... ish.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things, stuff, and other various tidbits

This past week so far as a list:

1. Recording, cleaning, and cooking.

2. Pints and food with Mr. Horn.

3. Listening to what I consider the first great album of the current decade (the particular song below is about half the length of the allotted time for the "video". The rest is silence. Your guess is as good as mine... ).

Two Thousand and Ten Injuries (2010)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Events-o-rama (titles are running short for the weekend recaps)

Friday: Ken, Terry, and I converged at Bull & Bush in the evening for a "working pint", which entailed assembling the packaging created by Mr. Horn for the latest HIO product... and beer (obviously). Due to my dismal DIY skills I was demoted to supervised gluing fairly early in the process.

Saturday: Bit of a lazy day. Had the weekend brekkie, vacuumed, did laundry, and watched Doctor Who. Did some recording later that night and early Sunday morning which might be the basis for another project of some sort. The production of what was originally intended to be the fourth JATSDFM album (until Mr. Ford presented an opportunity too good to pass up, making Academician Drift in Fjords number four instead) has pretty much ground to a halt at this time. Not currently planning to scrap it, mind you.

Sunday: Went to Ken and Kat's for a marathon of The Prisoner and dins. Kat made a fantastic scallop and asparagus dish, followed by angel food cake with strawberries and homemade creme. Quite sad when Kat discovered a cat in their neighbor's driveway that had apparently been hit and killed by a vehicle. We gathered the poor creature and buried it in the garden.