Monday, May 9, 2011

Days and days

Well, at least three of them.

Friday: Set course for Denton in the afternoon for a gig with HIO and Big Rig Dance Collective. Strolled around the square, finally going into sedentary mode and exercised the drinking hand at Hooligans to await Ken and Terry's arrival. After dins and beer we headed over to Recycled Books for a quick rummage before returning to our respected vehicles for the journey to Yogurt Fusion... which was a mistake. Being the masters of direction and perception we failed to notice that the venue was only a short distance from our original parking spots and ended up spending around twenty minutes to find another place to park, which was neither close or convenient. Sans the unloading bit it was a fun show. Ken's daughter and newest granddaughter were present for the festivities (Mr. Horn claims that the youngest addition to the Shimamoto family tossed a ball at him during the set, which could be an indication that Ken's critic gene has been passed down successfully). Running on just a couple hours sleep from the previous night I was feeling quite spent well before the show was over and grabbed a cup of coffee before leaving. Great night, and looking forward to next Saturday's show at Lander's Machine Shop where we'll team up with the Big Rig crew again.

Saturday: Same story as most of my Saturdays, really. Breakfast, tunes on the stereo (for this particular morning: King Missile's They), recording, and Doctor Who.

Sunday: Brekkie, tunes (Manda Rin's My DNA and Bis' Fukd ID #5), and some more recording. Took my mother out for a Mother's Day dinner. Home again and some more recording. The end... ish.

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