Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sym-ply wonderful

Back in February when Phil Ford sent me the demo for his latest release under the Sym moniker, Trade$ecrets, I couldn't imagine how he could improve on tunes that sounded more like a finished product than just a rough outline. Each of the twenty-plus tracks were absolutely fantastic, each a mini-masterpiece.

And they still are. Between February and this past Monday when Trade$ecrets was set free in its entirety on the web Mr. Ford has added new tunes, scrapped a few, reworked some, and fine-tuned the mixes, bringing the total number of tracks up to thirty. Though the album clocks in at over two hours it feels short and doesn't lose momentum. Phil Ford is a master alchemist of sound, blending samples, beats, various instruments, turntables, and miscellaneous noises to create aural gold. Simply wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

You can download Trade$ecrets for free by Sym via:

Internet Archive

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