Sunday, May 29, 2011


Friday: Kat and Ken invited me to see The Mikado at Bass Hall with them. Utilizing a contemporary palette (Japanese gentlemen as corporate droids, Yum-Yum and her friends donning Sailor Moon-esque outfits, and some contemporary dialogue, for example) was an interesting move by the director, John de los Santos, and executed quite well. We went to Risky's after the show for dins before heading home. Fantastic day with good friends. What else could one want?

Saturday: Practiced the ol' willpower and avoided watching the Doctor Who marathon on the Beeb. Recorded most of the day, particularly (and annoyingly) on one problematic tune for the on-again "fourth" album.

Sunday: Housecleaning and grocery run. Watched part of the Top Gear marathon (the ol' willpower went on holiday, apparently). Drinking coffee and typing this. Lazy day, indeed.

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