Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Continuing the obsessive nutter theme...

(And a bit of a rant)

After last Friday's post and yesterday's anti-Bangs-esque critique (which frankly makes anything that NME has ever published in their rag look like a Shakespearean sonnet by comparison) I am still absolutely enthralled with PJ Harvey's latest release. It has virtually played non-stop on the stereo at home for the last six days (well... except when I'm asleep, or when I'm taking care of the goats. And, no, that last one is not a euphemism!). Consequently though, this has thrown a bit of a wrench in my recording productivity lately... which, strangely enough, might be a good thing. That, and I probably need help.

This album is a "game-changer" for me, one of just a handful that has made me reevaluate my views on what music could be. Sure, there is nothing that revolutionary or different about the structure and theme of Let England Shake compared to most albums. In my opinion (obviously) what sets it apart from most albums is Harvey's flawless pairing of music and words. These respective parts carry an enormous amount of emotional weight, and their combination leaves me feeling breathless after each listen.

I know. What a big Jessy...

This is what I imagined the perfect album to be. It does leave me feeling somewhat ambivalent in regards to my own capabilities, though. On one hand, it inspires me. On the other, it leaves me with the feeling that I will never create something as masterful or even a fraction as good as Let England Shake. Regardless though, I am glad that this album exists.

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