Friday, June 3, 2011


The HIO trio went to Denton this past Thursday to participate in a dance and sounds session at TWU with Contact Improvisation Jams of Denton, TX. Before the event we met up with Sarah Gamblin for dins and discussion regarding our collaboration for the Houston Fringe Festival in August, which we're quite looking forward to (TARDIS, anyone?).

The jam with the dancers and other musos was great. The visual aspect provided by the dancers seems to be keeping us on our toes (not literally, though. Any attempt made by me to play en pointe would most likely result with an extended stay in hospital), adding another element in which to take "cues" from. Getting to work with this talented lot from Denton has been a blast and I hope our partnership, to paraphrase Spock, is long and prosperous.

Speaking of Spock (and careening totally off-subject)...

Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy (1968)

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