Friday, June 10, 2011

Spanner and hammer

Managed to do some DIY work this evening without losing life or limb... surprisingly. Fixed a leaky kitchen faucet and installed a new thermostat control for the central heating and a/c. The latter project was particularly nerve-wracking, as my history with electrical wiring has been hit-and-(very) miss. Luckily, it went without incident and seems to be working. Hopefully there won't be a need to tinker with the home electrical system again soon. Never again would be ideal, though...

And now: some vids. I used to love watching Ed Feldman and Joe L'Erario's DIY programs (Furniture on the Mend, Furniture to Go, and Men in Tool Belts) when they aired on PBS and TLC in the early to mid-Nineties. Absurdist humour and offbeat banter paired with the format of the shows was just fantastic, me thinks.

From Furniture to Go (most of the episodes below are from the 1996 series):

Well, you get the idea... if you actually watched these.

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