Sunday, August 28, 2011

The day the music died and other similarly uninteresting events

This past week I took several steps towards completing my goal of obtaining the original Essential Logic and Lora Logic releases on vinyl. I located these jewels of music through the vendors listed on, ordering the Essential Logic singles "Aerosol Burns" (B/W "World Friction", 1978), "Popcorn Boy - Waddle Ya Do?" (B/W "Flora Force", 1979); the Lora Logic single "Wonderful Offer" (7" version, B/W "Stereo", 1981); and Lora Logic's only LP Pedigree Charm (1982).

"Popcorn Boy" was the first order I received, which arrived in the post on Friday. With great excitement, upon returning home from work I hooked up the record player to hear for the first time the single's B-side "Flora Force". Last year I purchased a new turntable made by Ion that I had used only twice since acquiring it, albeit two marathon sessions of transferring my vinyl collection to digital. As I turned on the record player on Friday, though, the machine made a horrible buzzing noise as it came to life. Then it died, only managing to play several seconds of the tune with the apparatus' annoying audio addition washing over Susan Whitby and company's mini-masterpiece (yes, I realize that this is a heavily biased assumption. The woman can do no wrong in my eyes. So, there!) before it shirked off from this mortal coil. Shit.

I had saved a few bob to buy these records but not enough at the moment to purchase a new turntable, especially since I need a plumber now to remedy a malfunctioning shower which developed a leak couple days ago (not long after placing my orders!) that has also spread its liquid terror into the adjoining room. Murphy's Law in play, it seems...

Oh, and I caught the new episode of Doctor Who and did some recording. Big surprise, yes?

(B/W "Moontown", 1980)

Pedigree Charm (1982)

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