Monday, August 8, 2011

Sound and vision

Yesterday was rehearsal day for the HIO trio and Sarah Gamblin's performances at the Houston Fringe Festival this coming weekend. The plan was for me to head over to Kat and Ken's house for brekkies, then for Ken and I to set course for Terry's house to load our gear (as Mr. Horn is recovering from a surgical procedure and cannot lift anything, unless he wanted to an impersonation of a Play-Doh Fun Factory kit... ), and leave for Denton by eleven to make it to TWU by noon. Due to a dominant plonker gene, though, I overslept and didn't arrive at Kat and Ken's until eleven. Sigh.

I was quite grateful that Sarah showed mercy and didn't garrotte me when we finally docked at a quarter to one. After a couple of productive run-throughs (would had a few more but thanks to my morning tardiness we were a bit short on time. I owe Sarah big time!) the Hentai guys headed to Hooligans for a spot of lunch and some pints, all the while watching my truck with gear loaded in the bed become a bystander in a water balloon fight that broke out on the square. Luckily, nothing got wet. Stupid hipsters...

Wrapped up the day with a lovely dinner made by Kat, and then it was back home for me. Not much of a final paragraph, I admit, but this concludes the post.

And now... How about a video that doesn't pertain to anything that I just wrote?

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