Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tour diary: Houston/Galveston, 13 August

My plan was to post entries regarding this "tour" that would conclude with a Doogie Howser-esque life lesson. Fatigue got the best of me yesterday but tonight I will attempt to do better. No promises, though...

This morning I woke up around nine to an asthmatic cat breathing in my face and a huge dog kicking me in the back. Terry's friends were good enough to give us shelter in their adobe while we stayed in a city that has really grown on us.

The HIO trio packed their gear and headed for Galveston to spend the early afternoon by the seaside. Took a stroll on the seawall and made our way to Gaido's for lunch (a place which the bearded scribe worked at for a week in the late Seventies). The entrance had a horrible smell reminiscent of cat urine (a woman actually made a hasty retreat from the establishment due to the offending niff) but luckily the rest of the restaurant was not afflicted with the odour. After a fantastic meal we stopped off a cemetery on Broadway Avenue J which reminded us of some of the grand necropolises in New Orleans. Mr. Horn snapped pictures of a few ancient mausoleums while I continued to develop a significant sunburned head and face. The image of a wooden matchstick comes to mind...

Back to Houston to unload gear for the second of three nights that Sarah Gamblin and us are performing at the Frenetic Theater (performances which Mr. Ken will probably recount in a more elaborate and elegant rendition of events at a future date... because I am a lazy bastard and a bit shit at chronicling events). To replace a string that broke on Terry's ehru the previous night we made a pit stop at Rockin Robin Guitars and Music. We then stopped off for a spot of dins at one of the wonderful taquieras that has become a staple for our meals during this trip.

Fast forward to the show... it felt like everyone locked in from the outset better than the Friday's performance. It's not my intention to give the impression that last night's show was a disaster (quite the opposite) but it seems that the four of us felt more comfortable and confident tonight. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow's show.

The quartet set course for Moon Tower Inn for dogs, suds, chinwag, and chuckles to end a great day. Life lesson learned? A PowerPoint presentation, a t-shirt with a date on it, and Charles II's hair does not make for a good night.

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