Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bits of this past week in review

I had the honor of checking up on Midnight and Auggie (the "Lambert and Stamp" of HIO) while the Shimamotos were on holiday this past week. On Thursday when I swung by their house to return the house key, Kat surprised me with the four LP Kleenex/LiLiPUT box set release by Mississippi Records which they acquired during their excursion to the East Coast. Quite a wonderful and generous gift!

Spent most of Saturday in Denton. Met with Terry and Big Rig Dance Collective comrades, Amanda and Whitney, at the location which the 8 December performance of "Homing Where I Roam" will take place for a general assessment regarding the space and performance aspects. Afterward we had lunch at Mr. Chopsticks, which is probably my favorite spot in town to grab a bite (had the chirashi with smoked salmon. Absolutely delish!). We parted company and I set course to meet up with my friend, Christi, and her family in Lewisville. Christi and I would head to Chili's later for dins, drinks, and to be joined by her pals, Christian and Linc. Wrapped up the day with BBC Radio 3 to accompany me on the drive back home (starting with Mahler's Resurrection and pulling in the drive with Dvorák's V Prirode still in progress). A good one, me thinks.

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The Stash Dauber said...

For T. Horn's benefit, Lambert and Stamp were the business managers of the Who, an English rock group from the '60s who were influenced by the auto-destructive art of Gustav Metzger and performed at Super Bowl XLVI.

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