Monday, October 3, 2011

The compressed weekend

Friday: Went to Dallas with Mr. Horn. Had dins and beers at Oak Cliff BBQ. Terry found a suitable analog for the bearded scribe under the wheel of a parked Mercedes. Headed across the road to catch Roky Erickson's performance at The Kessler Theater that night, which was good. The opening act... not so much.

Saturday: Failed to set alarm and woke up late. Lazy day. Caught the series' closer of Doctor Who. All hail Moffat!

Sunday: Managed to set the alarm and woke up much earlier than the previous day. Stumbled across Love Is All's debut album, Nine Times That Same Song, which I thought was left in my Dodge that was traded several months ago and thus lost forever. Played it a few times as part of "makeup listening" while I had brekkie and set up the studio for recording. Did some writing, along with a spot of laundry, and a dash of Oblivion. Grab dinner from Dairy Queen and surprised that my heart hasn't exploded... or other bits of me.

Nine Times That Same Song (2005)

Nine Times That Same Song (2005)

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