Monday, November 14, 2011

Sample and hold

I'm still(!) on a major Ultravox "kick". Chalk it up to making up for lost time...

Though I've been aware of the group for about twenty-seven years (I remember watching the video for "Vienna" for the first time when I was six. Though it was several years old years old by the time I caught it, the video was played shortly after the debut of Duran Duran's "A View To A Kill" on MTV. Blame my sister for my enduring love of Duran Duran... ), they had remain "under the radar" (more quotation marks... and parenthesis!) due to various circumstances. I am absolutely enthralled with the John Foxx-era material but I also love the first three LPs under the guidance of Midge Ure (Vienna, Rage in Eden, and Quartet).

Ultravox! (1977)

Ha!-Ha!-Ha! (1977)

Systems of Romance (1978; The exclamation was dropped in the name by the group at time of this album, FYI.)

Vienna (1980)

Rage in Eden (1981)

Quartet (1982)

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