Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things, stuff, etc.

Came down with my annual late winter/early spring creeping crud on Thursday (my respiratory system doesn't handle the roller coaster-esque weather changes during this time of year so well) and as a result I missed "zen time" in Denton and the chance to hang with Mr. Horn in the fort on Friday. By Saturday evening I did manage to quell the sinus rebellion and went to see my compadres in Big Rig Dance Collective perform at TCU for a benefit show supporting the AIDS Outreach Center in Tarrant County. As always, they (on this occasion it was the "GT" version of Big Rig: founders Whitney Boomer, Crysta Caulkins-Clouse, Amanda Jackson, and Lily Sloan) were absolutely brilliant.

After the show, I headed home for a wild night of laundry and the continuation of work on a new tune for Repository: 2012. I believe the song is finally complete. Not a complicated ditty, mind you, but I seem to have the hardest time mixing songs with my vocal on it, getting it to a stage where hearing myself "sing" doesn't make me cringe.

And, on that note, I present to you the new tune:

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