Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And more track action (go fig)

"Gym Sock Anti-Raga". The first phrase that popped into the noggin when it was time to christen the tune. Why? Who the hell knows...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Marching on

Came home Friday from work with a melody banging away in the ole noggin. Forgoing the original plan of cracking open a bottle of Merlot, putting Dr. Dee on the turntable (which, though I had pre-ordered the album on Amazon nearly two months prior to its release date of 7 May and spent extra on express shipping, only arrived that morning), and playing Skyrim, I went into the studio to record the tune. As with most of the songs I compose, it end product was totally different than what I had originally intended to create. Nevertheless, still quite happy with the result:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Many, many (well... at least a couple) things

Getting ready to finally(!) close The Fellow Americans' ancient MySpace account. I have also been in the process of remastering and uploading the releases by the group to Bandcamp, along with recordings from my band which preceded TFA, Rio Grande Babies (2000-2004).

Returning from the trip down Memory Lane and back into the present (well, sort of)...

Added another track to Repository: 2012 on Wednesday. Originally recorded around the time A to E are Ex, Why, and Z was in the works (mid-2009 through early 2010) it was deemed "D.O.A." until last year when the track was given life by the immensely talented Phil Ford. It was being held for another Phil Ford/JATSDFM joint venture which was to include several other musos that never panned out. Really like the tune and felt that it deserved to be released.

So, there.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sense memory

Down's debut, NOLA (1995), has accompanied me on the commute for the past week. One of my favourites from that decade, and one which tends to bring back vivid memories of building my first guitar seventeen years ago, as it (along with the New York Dolls' debut, the semi-bogus version of the Sex Pistols' Live at Chelmsford Top Security Prison, and Killing Joke's Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! compilation) provided the soundtrack for this project.