Monday, June 25, 2012

Ode to Dyson (well, sort of)

New tuneage and video for the, er, tuneage, both which were created this past Saturday. Never claimed they were any good, mind you, but as long as I had my fun...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

From the steppes

The latest track added to the Repository: 2012 album developed from a somewhat distressing dream I had the previous night in which I found myself somewhere in eastern Europe towards the end of the Second World War. Euphoria of a German retreat was quickly replaced by a terrifying low rumble from the east that became increasingly louder as the armies of Stalin approached. The volume became deafening with the arrival of soldiers and tanks, numbering in the tens of thousands. My home and the entire village in which I resided were on the brink of crumbling into dust from the noise. I watched from my window as the horde of men and machine moved ever westward, taking the devastating cacophony with them.

I blame it on the Guinness and granola bar that I consumed before bed...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pony up

In keeping with the "off-the-cuff" theme for the Repository: 2012 project I woke up yesterday morning with no intention of recording. There was another project that I had planned to start but before beginning the preparation of the traditional Saturday breakfast I sat down at the woefully out-of-tune ancient piano (which I absolutely adore), pissing about, and banged this short ditty into existence. Grabbed the portable recorder, a couple plastic cups, added a vibraphone part, and Bob's your uncle. Quite happy with it. The end.

A promo video I quickly whipped up using footage from the BBC Two documentary, A Farm For The Future (2009). No ponies but I thought the programme was beautifully crafted:

And... a link to the track. The end, er, again:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bad pun for the day: "Feral-y simple"

Just finished mixing a new song for the ongoing annual album. Recorded the guitar yesterday in the kitchen utilizing a cheapie Tascam digital recorder that I picked up last week to aid with documenting HIO's performances (which, with much regret, I have failed to blog about for quite some time. Shame one me!). Was happy with the quality of the recording and decided to develop the two string tomfoolery into a tune. The lyrics were inspired by last summer's riots in the U.K., which I had made a rough outline of around that time.

One classical guitar, one vocal, and room ambiance. Easy peasy:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Doth the proverbial

Got a wee bit sick midweek but feeling better today. Got up early (well, "-ish"... around 9:30), made brekkie, did some laundry, and caught Loose Ends and Saturday Review on Radio 4. Also hammered out a new tune and added it to the repository.

A glimpse at a weekly ritual and a nod to a few people, as well (it's the thought that counts... right?):