Sunday, December 9, 2012

Closing the repository

Finished another track for Repository:2012, which will also be the last one added to the album. Technically, work began on this particular project last November (the rhythm track for "Gender's Cruelty" was created at that time) and I have ran out of steam regarding this album. What is the plan for 2013? Not a clue, and perhaps that is the way it should be.

Without further ado, here are the last track and full album. As always, available as free downloads:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Hentai (and another loaded post title)

My long-term friend, insomnia, has been quite persistent for over a week, and today is no exception. In the wee hours I finally surrendered to the fact that my endeavours in the studio on Saturday were fruitless (at this particular moment I am ready to call it a day in regards to the Repository: 2012 album but because I can be somewhat fickle my decision will probably change before this month, or even this week, is over) and decided to upload another release for HIO, this time in the form of a single.

"Beyond Words" was recorded back in September during a rehearsal held at Landers Machine Shop in Fort Worth for the aborted "Beyond Words: For Our Mothers" project. I was sick and in a foul mood on that day, which thankfully didn't hinder our ability to hammer out this "warm up" before our comrades in dance arrived. Terry's "drone theme" that begins approximately halfway through the track seals the deal for me. Quite proud of this one.

Another release that I uploaded earlier this week took the form of an EP (one track, mind you, but it's over fifteen minutes long), which was recorded during last week's Improvised Silence at the Cellar. A joint venture with two-thirds of Mora Collective (Zach Puchkors and Eric Yacula) and half of HIO (Mark Kitchens and I, as Mr. Horn was ill and the bearded scribe is on indefinite hiatus, though he will be returning to the fold for this month's Improvised Silence gig) performing together.