Monday, January 7, 2013

On a cough and a whimper

Since Wednesday evening I've been housebound, lumbered with an annoying respiratory infection (as if a pleasant respiratory infection exists... ). I feel a lot better today, though it seems that I am determined to expel both lungs from my body via coughing. Tomorrow it's back to work I go.

For whatever reason (though I can think of a few, actually... none which I will give. Why? Because I can, dagblastit!) I obsessively listened to the sounds created by some nifty individuals from Ladbroke Grove during my contagion-enforced holiday. A selection of tracks from the albums spun over the last four days:

The Deviants, Disposable (1968)

Twink, Think Pink (1969)

Hawkwind, Hawkwind (1970)

Pink Fairies, Kings of Oblivion (1973)

Mick Farren, "Play With Fire" (B/W "Lost Johnny"; 1977)

Mick Farren, Vampires Stole My Lunch Money (1978)

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