Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bits and bobs update (Warning: Some whinging below)

1. I have been ill for the last several days which has been a fecking annoyance, as it has caused me to miss a couple of events that I was looking forward to attending. Sleep has been my primary activity as of late, which is obviously a consequence of being fatigued (also leading to losing track of days, and also acting a right cow). Hoping to feel back on kilter soon.

2. Tonight, I'll be joining my Hentai Improvising Orchestra comrades at the Cellar for our monthly Improvised Silence hootenanny thingy.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Auditory obsessions: File under "C"

Two musical entities introduced to me this past week via Leslie Conner's fantastic piece, In Between Blooms, which was performed at TWU's DanceMakers Concert: Carpet Musics and Colleen. A selection of their sublime sounds:

Weekday (2002)

The Golden Morning Breaks (2005)

A week(ish) later...

As mentioned many times before by yours truly, I am quite rubbish at promoting. Last Friday there were two new releases uploaded onto the HIO Bandcamp page. Jam - 30 March 2013 is the first audio artifact created by Big Orchestra, a creative "think tank" consisting of HIO, Big Rig Dance Collective, Sarah Gamblin, and several other talented individuals within the Dallas/Denton/Fort Worth area. The second aural product, Improvised Silence - Live at the Cellar, 31 March 2013, is self-explanatory, me thinks.

Both releases are free or (if you're feeling generous) can name your own price. Check them out, why don't ye?