Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sleepy Time Cinema

I had a dream that I was watching Aaron Neville perform "Belsen Was a Gas" in the cafeteria at the primary school that I attended as a wee nipper (Bruce Shulkey Elementary), who was donning an outfit that consisted of lunch trays while constantly tossing a hula hoop into the air. Perhaps it was a repressed memory that resurfaced. Sounds feasible, yes?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sequel to the previous post: "The Definition of Cool"

Well, for me, at least.

The fascination with the work of Lora Logic began with the discovery of X-Ray Spex at the pimply age of fifteen (via the gateway known as the Sex Pistols), and it continues to this day. While most of my peers were getting their kicks from gangsta rap and/or grunge during the early to mid-Nineties, I was immersing myself into the music and culture of Seventies punk and post-punk (many a time behind the times, me). Her inspiration for me regarding my auditory creations (and my penchant for wool caps- well, her and Mike Nesmith on that accord) has been immense, to say the least. Now, if I only had a miniscule amount of her talent...

Here is a video for the B-side of "Wonderful Offer" that I had uploaded onto YouTube a while back. As one can tell, no expense was spared on the production of my visual creation:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A bit of "polylogical" listening for the past week

Uncovered a couple of gems on YouTube during the week. Video footage of Susan Whitby/Lora Logic/Syama Manjari and Poly Styrene performing with their Hare Krsna comrades at Glastonbury in 1983 (a tip o' the proverbial to krsnaoldschool for uploading these clips back in November!). "Got Me in a Nutshell" was new to me, and I prefer this version of "Trick of the Witch" to the one from the Gods and Goddesses EP (1986). Absolutely brill tunes, me thinks!

Arise from your slumber, Baldy

Yes, folks (anyone out there?), it's been nearly a year since my last entry on this blog. Things and stuff happen. During my absence from this blog, I have:

1. Began a new audio/visual project called Pop Clearinghouse, which is currently in development (though several audio tracks can be found here).

2. Resigned my commission with Hentai Improvising Orchestra due to obligatory personal reasons, none of which have anything to do with my former colleagues.

3. Recorded an album with Robert Kramer (ESP, Tabla Rasa), Terry Valderas (Toadies, The Gideons), and the bearded scribe (to keep with the theme, Stoogeaphilia and HIO) under the Brokegrove Lads moniker, which should be released sometime this year.

4. Fumbled my way through building a new computer and updating my recording setup in general.

So, back to the riveting posts that I am known for submitting...