Saturday, March 22, 2014

Arise from your slumber, Baldy

Yes, folks (anyone out there?), it's been nearly a year since my last entry on this blog. Things and stuff happen. During my absence from this blog, I have:

1. Began a new audio/visual project called Pop Clearinghouse, which is currently in development (though several audio tracks can be found here).

2. Resigned my commission with Hentai Improvising Orchestra due to obligatory personal reasons, none of which have anything to do with my former colleagues.

3. Recorded an album with Robert Kramer (ESP, Tabla Rasa), Terry Valderas (Toadies, The Gideons), and the bearded scribe (to keep with the theme, Stoogeaphilia and HIO) under the Brokegrove Lads moniker, which should be released sometime this year.

4. Fumbled my way through building a new computer and updating my recording setup in general.

So, back to the riveting posts that I am known for submitting...

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